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Our History

15th Chandler's Ford scout group are based in Otterbourne village, between Winchester and Eastleigh,  neighbouring the village of Allbrook.

15th Chandlers Ford Group Badge

Otterbourne has had scouting in the village since at least 1909, if not before, and we have been led to believe that Baden-Powell himself inspected the local Scout group while he was enroute to Southampton, in about 1910.
Although there is evidence of our group having had membership since back then, the group in its present form was not formally registered until later.

Originally our group was part of the Eastleigh district, being known as the 15th Eastleigh (Allbrook & Otterbourne) Scout Group.  However, in 1984, the Eastleigh District was considered to be too large to manage effectively and the new district of Chandler's Ford was formed.  At that time our Group was given special permission from Scout Headquarters to keep our original number (something that no other group was allowed to do), and we became the 15th Chandler's Ford (Allbrook & Otterbourne) Scout Group.


Since that time, things have changed, and in 2022 Eastleigh and Chandler's Ford districts have merged again into  the new larger Arrows district, which we are now a part of.

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